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Aveready makes Fully Electronic Weighbridge

The customer has an option of Pit Mounted and Surface Mounted Platform Structure. Pit Mounted structures are assembled on civil foundation within the pit and the platform is usually flushed to ground. lt constitutes high quality longitudinal girders. Surface Mounted Platform is a modular construction using up to one, two or three modules per. Weighbridge depending on the length of the platform. Each module be RSJ section. upon the length of the platform. The standard platform plates are 12 mm thick with anti skid strips.

Double Ended Shear Beam or Compression type load cell made from high alloy tool steel to provide maximum resistance to shock and overload. It is fully sealed to protect against moisture. Protection clause is IP 68.

Microprocessor Weighing Terminal

Microprocessor Weighing Terminal designed to process weighbridge data and generates reports Date wise, Party wise, Vehice wise etc. Along with date and time of Weighment. We deal hot and dusty environment & replaces the personal computer as far as weighing operations are concerned.

Microprocessor Based Weighing Terminal

Asi-w is a state of the art smart terminal which is designed to process weighbridge dat; and generates reports date wise. Party wise. Material wise, vehicle wise etc. Along with date and time weighment.
The asi-w is ideal for hot and dusty environment & replaces the personal computer a; far as weighing operations are concerned.

Features of asi-w:
  • 16 char. X 2 line lcd ot display weight, date and lime the kcd is also used for displaying date entered through ibm keyboard during the process of weighment.

  • Parallet printer port for connecting a standard 80-column dot matrix printer for printing weighment slip and daily reprots.

  • RS232 serial port for transmission of data to computer.

  • Remoter display port for connecting 6-digit 7 segment numeric display for weight.

  • Load cell port for connecting a standard ibm compatible keyboard. This will be used for data entry during calibration and weighment.

  • Internal battery backed memory for storage of wighment

Data Software features offered in asi-w:

  • Provision of entering data like vehicle number. Customer and commodity during weighment and printing the same on a ticket.

  • Code dased weighing for repeatedly used data. This help in speeding up the weighment operation.

  • Automatic recall of first weighment data during second weighment and auto, calculation of net weight.

  • Any particular record of stored wighment data can be recalled for viewing. Deleting and printing.

  • Multi level password protection, to prevent un-aauthorized access to the setup procedures.

  • Provision of entering the charges for weighment and printing on the slip.

  • Date and time data is generated internally and the same is printed on the slip storage fo 1500 records in memory. This data can be recalled date wise, customer wise, material wise for report printing.

  • Facility for minor correction in weight. True and accurate calibration achieved by entering for correction factor from keyboard without using actual test wights.

10t, 15t, 20t, 30t, 40t, 50t, 60t, 80t, 100t, 150t.

PLATFORM SIZE as per customers demand
Electronic Weighbridges offer numerous advantages compared to conventional ones, namely:

Maintenance free, long lie, consistent performance.
No moving parts, therefore no inaccuracy due to wear & tear.
Fast response Very low requirement of pit reducing civil costs.
Eliminating human error, better control facilities & data processing.
These varying demands call for technological competence with an organisational flexibility, and teamwork needed to meet special requirements. As an international supplier of Electronic Weighing Systems. Aveready is among the few companies able to meet the challenge.


Modular Form
Parallel output to printer
96KB Switching memory
Battery Backed 22KB system software
Built in Real time clock
100 year software calendar to display Day, Date,
Month, Year, Hours & Minutes.
16 Character Single line Alphanumeric LCD
Module for user Dialog in a question/Answer from
lbm compatible 101 key board.
25 MM height 7 segment Red LED to display weight
RS 232C for computer interface


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